Short for State aid or public aid to business.

Annual Reports

mandatory Annual Reports from Member States to the European Commission detailing progress towards meeting the programme targets


The Protection of Competition Commission


European Community

EC Treaty

The founding treaty of the European Community


European Union

European Commission

The EU body which enforces State aid rules and generally controls and monitors State aid

European Union

An evolution from the European Community

General measure

A Member State aid or benefit which is available to all businesses / economic activities in the State - and is therefore not State aid in the Article 107(1) sense


Gross grant equivalent

Member State

A nation state member of the EU


Net grant equivalent

“No aid”, or “Not aid”

Jargon for “not State aid as specified in the EC Treaty Article 107(1)”. Therefore the State aid rules do not affect it.

Public aid

A term for aid to business which is not “State aid” in the EC Treaty sense

Selective Advantage

An advantage that targets particular businesses, locations, types of firm

State aid

Specific concept of Member State aid to business set out in Article 107(1) of the EC Treaty as updated by the EU Treaty

State aid rules

The rules that apply to Article 107(1) State aid – set out in Treaty provisions, European Commission legal regulations, guidelines, frameworks, notices, directives, communications, and in interpretations by the European Court of Justice.

Treaty of Rome

Another name for the founding treaty of the EC


A publically funded organisation being economically active

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