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Sixth Steering Committee Meeting of the twinning project “ Assistance to the CPC for State Aid Control”.


The Sixth Steering Committee Meeting of the Twinning project “ Assistance to the CPC for State Aid Control” was held on   Thursday, 28 November at the CPC.

Apart from the regular members, the RTA of the project and the BC project Leader, Mr. Chedomir Kraljevski,  the President of the Commission of Protection of Competition, Mr Blagoj Churlinov, The MS project leader, Mr. Graham Branton and the medium Term Expert Mr. John Emeruwa attended the meeting.

The members discussed the draft quarterly report which was previously circulated and the activities covered during the reporting period. Since the beginning of the project the RTA has been supported by 85 expert missions (600 expert days) and the remaining 100 days are fully on track to be delivered by the end of the project i.e end of January 2014.

Wednesday 29 January 2014 was agreed as the possible date for the Closing Conference of the project which will take place in the EU Info Centre.

The beneficiary institution asked about the possibility of support to the State Aid unit after the ending of the project in January 2014 as part of the ongoing strong relationship developed over the past 18 months between the CPC and BIS. The MS representative was supportive on providing policy support to the CPC after January and agreed to look at potential funding opportunities .


This project is funded by the European Union

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