Programme Activities

Workshops for judges in order to familiarize with up-to-date judiciary state aid practice


 In the framework of the project’s activities , 3 workshops for judges were held and organized together with the Academy for judges and public prosecutors. This workshops were planned in order to familiarize with up-to-date judiciary state aid practice; On 29 January the first presentation to the members of the Macedonian judiciary was delivered. The participants for the event numbered over 30. The first workshop covered:

    · Background to the Twinning project and the support being provided by the EU.

    · An introduction to State Aid

    · Who is responsible for State aid control

    · How are State aid rules applied

    · How is an efficient control applied

    · What is the role of national courts both before and after accession.

The presentation and discussions focussed on state aid fundamentals and setting the economic and historical background to Macedonia adopting EU state aid rules, the essential state aid elements and EU state aid administrative processes. The participants were also provided with information about history of State Aid (SA) control in the Czech Republic and current roles and competencies of national authority in the Czech Republic. There was description of the period before Accession which included preparation of legislation and interim procedure with the European Commission (EC) as well as information about future competencies of national authorities which was discussed within the scope of current initiative of EC for reform of SA rules. Special attention was devoted to roles of national courts according to the Commission notice on the enforcement of State aid law by national courts (2009), especially to comparison of systems in Macedonia and in the EU.

The second workshop for judges was held on 29 April.   This covered:

·          The Fundamentals of State Aid 

·          The different types of State Aid

·          The procedures for granting compliant aid

·          Example of cases from the Member States

·          Question and Answers and round tables discussions

The workshop provided the audience with an appreciation of the relationships between the Laws, the Regulatory Frameworks, CPC approved schemes and De Minimis as well as an insight into some of the challenges of implementation which could compromise the legality of the aid provided. The participants were also offered the opportunity for Q&A following each presentation and at the end but also during the informal coffee and lunch breaks.


The third workshop for judges was held on 29 May


Workshops for Providing expertise/state aid awareness at local self-government level


The Twinning team, in partnership with CPC officials, continued the preparation of the training materials to raise state aid awareness amongst local ministry /municipalities’ stakeholders and aid grantors. Two workshops have been held so far. The first of these workshops, delivered under this Activity and Activity 2.3, was held in Prilep on 24 April, the second one was held in Tetovo in the South East European University on 22 May.

  The MS experts provided basic State aid information including the relationship between central government, local municipalities and aid grantors. There was also active participation and dedicated sessions by officials from the CPC. It is hoped that this workshops, and the future ones planned, will provide a platform from which the CPC can further develop relations with all regional stakeholders.


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