The European Commission considers that public funding to a single recipient of up to €200,000 over a 3 year fiscal period has a negligible impact on trade and competition, and does not require notification. This aid can be given for most purposes, including operating aid, and is not project-related.

This does not mean that all funding under the €200,000 ceiling should be counted as de minimis and it is strongly recommended that even small amounts of aid are provided under a specific approved scheme, or a block exemption, if possible.

·          The maximum de minimis funding any single recipient can receive is €200,000 (cash grant equivalent) over a 3 year fiscal period. The sterling equivalent is calculated using the Commission exchange rate applicable on the written date of offer of the de minimis funding.

·          This ceiling takes into account all public assistance given as de minimis funding over the previous 3 years and which can take various forms (grants, loans, subsidised contracts, etc). Aid given under an approved scheme does not have to be cumulated with de minimis aid.

·          An example of de minimis aid is the Small Firms Loans Guarantee Scheme. Many other awards from local authorities and the enterprise networks are given as de minimis aid.


·          De minimis aid cannot be given for export related activities (except attendance at trade fairs), agriculture and fisheries or aid favouring domestic goods over imports.

·          De minimis aid does not affect the level of state aid that a recipient can receive under any other schemes approved by the Commission, i.e. it is only cumulated with other de minimis aid.

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